While I was making this video, I was imagining myself being spanked and whipped and forced to orgasm for the pleasure of those watching.


Amazingly hot video. Humping is such a sexy way for a girl to get off.

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Learning to deep throat blog

I have always been fascinated how some people could deep throat, and I always assumed you either could or couldn’t, I didn’t think it was a skill that could be learned until recently. Never in a million years did I think I could do it to @bullnbabe but after reading a few advice pages and chatting to some lovely people on twitter, I decided to give it a try and after a few days I could do it….all the way to the hilt lol x

I had heard that if you squeeze your left thumb by making a fist that was supposed to help stop the gag reflex, now for me it didn’t stop me gagging completely but it did seem to help.

Position is everything, your mouth and throat have a 90 degree bend in the middle so if you don’t position yourself so that they are straight, your man’s cock will just hit the back of your mouth. After trying a few positions, we found the 69 position with me on top is the best as the cock points in exactly the right direction and it gives me the most control. We also tried me lying on my back on the bed with my head back over the edge with Bull standing , this does work but I think because the control is with him not me, we will do that position when I’ve practiced more and got the throat fucking down ;) As I learn more good positions, I’ll let you know.

What else……

To make as much room in your mouth as possible, the tongue needs to be flat, sticking out a little over your bottom lip.

Drool is your friend, the more the better! As you start taking the cock further back towards your throat, you will produce a thick saliva, THIS is what makes it easier to go down, I suppose you could use lube but honestly you shouldn’t really need it. As you bring his cock back out, let the drool run down his cock and rub it up and down the shaft, there’s nothing worse than dry lips to stop you taking it all the way down.

Yawn, yeah that’s right, try to get used to opening your throat like you do when you yawn.

Breath out slowly as you take the cock in, do not inhale and hold your breath cus it feels like there’s not enough room for the cock lol.

If you can get past the gag, you will feel the head of the cock pop past your larynx and slide down into your oesophagus, this is the maddest feeling, not bad at all and as long as you don’t panic you should be able to take most if not all cock right down to the base.

Well this is what I have learned so far so we’re gonna keep practicing thus for a while, then when I’m used to it we’ll go onto lesson 2-The throat fucking, cus I really want him to cum deep in my throat, then lesson 3- The throat massage which is supposed to be the ultimate oral for a guy.

Well I really hope this helps those of you who would like to learn, and hey if it does please let me know;) also if you have any other tips I haven’t tried yet, please let me know.

Babe ;) x

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